Peggyartprize 2023 by 50CA
Peggyartprize 2023 by 50CA
Best contemporary artists&works by 50CA Asia. First wave 2023 winners
Peggy Guggenheim
Marguerite Peggy Guggenheim was born in 1898 to a fabulously wealthy New Yorkais family and the niece of Salomon R. Guggenheim who the founder of the Guggenheim foundation.

Here are some famous Asian contemporary artists who have made significant contributions to the art world:

  1. Cai Guo-Qiang: Another influential Chinese artist, Cai is renowned for his explosive artworks using fireworks. His large-scale installations often explore themes of culture, history, and global issues.
  1. Pacita Abad: A Filipino-American artist, Pacita Abad’s vibrant and colorful paintings reflect her multicultural background. She was known for her expressive use of color and her commitment to social justice.
  1. Tiffany Chung: A Vietnamese-American artist, Chung’s work often focuses on geopolitical issues, particularly related to war, displacement, and urban transformation. Her intricate maps and installations convey powerful narratives.
  1. Yayoi Kusama: Although born in Japan, Kusama’s global influence is undeniable. Her signature polka dots, infinity rooms, and immersive installations have captivated audiences worldwide.
  1. Lee Ufan: A Korean minimalist artist, Lee Ufan’s work combines elements of painting and sculpture. His contemplative pieces explore the relationship between materials, space, and the viewer.
  1. Rina Banerjee: An Indian-American artist, Banerjee creates fantastical sculptures and installations that blend cultural references, mythology, and natural forms.
  1. Zhang Xiaogang: A leading figure in Chinese contemporary art, Zhang’s paintings often depict haunting, introspective faces that evoke memory, identity, and history.
  1. Bharti Kher: An Indian artist, Kher’s work spans various media, including sculpture, painting, and installation. She often incorporates bindis (decorative forehead dots) into her art, exploring themes of identity and femininity.
  1. Takashi Murakami: A Japanese artist known for his colorful, pop-inspired works, Murakami has collaborated with fashion brands, musicians, and filmmakers. His iconic smiling flower motif is instantly recognizable.

These artists have not only shaped contemporary art but also won prestigious awards and exhibited their work globally. Their contributions continue to inspire and provoke important conversations12.


    • Country: The United States.
    • Awarded By: The DeVos Foundation.
    • Prize: Numerous prizes ranging from $20,000 to $200,000, with the top honor awarded by public vote.
    • Aim: To promote critical dialogue and collaboration throughout the year, decentralizing the traditional, top-down art competition.
    • Eligibility: Any artist 18 or older who can secure an exhibition venue in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to showcase a specially created work.
    • Previous Winners: Chris LaPorte, Ran Ortner, Mia Tavonatti1.


    • Country: The United States.
    • Awarded By: The Whitney Museum and the Bucksbaum Family Foundation.
    • Prize: $100,000.
    • Aim: To honor a participant in the Whitney Biennial whose contribution demonstrates a unique combination of talent and imagination.
    • Eligibility: Must be an artist included in the Whitney Biennial.
    • Notable Winners: Mark Bradford and Raymond Pettibon1.

    • Country: France.
    • Prize: €35,000 ($45,000) in cash and up to €30,000 ($39,000) towards an exhibited piece at the Centre Pompidou.
    • Aim: To promote French art and encourage new artistic forms.
    • Previous Winners: Various innovative artists1.

Winners (2023)
Raejung Sim (Korea) – Me
Anj Gisan (Australia) – First Connection
Rim Safiullin (Republic of Tatarstan) – The orange embrace of dawn
Cheng Dr Chang (Korea) – Voodoo
Koo Jiusoon (Vietnam) – Tocu
Fezer Simone (Germany) – shiny (bright new worlds)
Finneran Bean (United States) – Red Ring
Hdez-Güero Jesús (Cuba) – Tener la culpa (Have the blame)
Kuo Kuo-Hsiang (Taiwan) – Echoes
Inba Kim (Cambodia) – Through the city
Asami Kurosawa (Japan) – Mother
Inhbai Kim (Japan) – Mooooooroooow
Locatelli Giulio (Italia) – La vicina grotta dei ricordi
Basalaev Kirill (Russia) – Almost visible
MacRae Tolmie (Australia) – Oil Dancer
Ramadori Marilena (Italia) – Piazzale Magellano
Raso Alex (Italia) – Madonna, Sant'Anna, il Bambino e San Giovannino
Rossetti Brigitta (Italia) – Lost Spring VI
Olga Sibirkina (Russia) – Aliens
Savva Rozanov (Russia) – Alivia and the Dark Evil. Immersive Show
Erzhena Dondokova (Russia) – Burnout
Frech Kevin (Stati Uniti) – Commune
Konstantin Frolov (Russia) – Keep your family tidy
Van Yuan (China) – Cloud of the Unknown
Glez Alejandra (Cuba) – Risa y llanto
Alexandra Cane (Russia) – Nature of art
Sgro Tina (Italia) – consolle
Zoey Chih Ying Chang (UK) – Deflated
Denis Marakhin (Russia) - Inside myself
Aleksandra Golubchikova (Russia) – Blissful moment
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