50СA Asia is an international pool of contemporary non-professional artists working in the field of contemporary art: drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, mixed media, video, installations and performances.

The purpose of our association is to encourage independent non-professional talent by providing them with the opportunity to join the International Market for Contemporary Art. We aim to give as many new talents as possible the chance to exhibit their best work in one of Asia's art galleries. The 50CA team selects the top 50 independent artists on a quarterly basis in a series of competitions dedicated to people who have made a significant contribution to the spread of contemporary art.
Current Events
Young Korean Artists 2023
Gwacheon, Korea
Venue Gwacheon 1F, Gallery 1, 2 Admission Fee 2,000KRW Inquiries +82-2-2188-6000
Ritsue Mishima / Forms of Light
Tokyo, Japan
At the beginning of each year and on other occasions, I visit Shinto shrines. I am always interested in looking at the mirrors and pure white paper hangings placed at the end of the shrine toward which I put my hands together to pray. In a similar way, looking at the ancient ritual objects in the museum, I wonder why they are shaped like that. I am attracted to "forms" that people have continued to create in order to honor something invisible.
Group Exhibition / London Calling
3 Hanover Square London, W1S 1HG
United Kingdom
London Calling is a new group exhibition that provides an expansive vision of what it means to be an artist living and working in the UK capital today.

Reflecting the pluralism of the city, the exhibition highlights the extensive variety of artistic voices that are redefining the London art scene and, in turn, broadening ideas of what it means to be British. Encompassing recent arrivals and long-term inhabitants, London Calling celebrates the many artistic contributions of those who have chosen to base themselves in this unique capital city.

Rooting itself in the legacy of London-based contemporary art movements, such as the Young British Artists, the exhibition charts a course from those who have long been working in the city and those who are only just calling it their home. Starting with artists who began their careers by challenging the conventions of London's art world and who have now been unquestionably recognised by the Royal Academy of Art, London Calling features works by Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk. Artworks by these long-time residents are shown alongside newer contemporary voices who are carving out their own place in the London art scene.

Contemporary sculptor Alma Berrow's artworks sum up what it means to be British in her eyes. After working in hospitality in London for years, Berrow became inspired by her experience living in a vast melting pot. Featuring fry ups and cigarettes, her sculptures recall the London institution of a greasy spoon café. Alfie Ruoy's artworks are equally influenced by his experience of living in the city. Increasingly inspired by a desire to connect to nature while living in a metropolis, Ruoy's works provide avenues from urban settings to the natural world. Similarly, Effie Wanyi Li, who is now entering into her sixth year of living in London, considers the unpredictability of the city. These continuous changes that occur within her urban environment contribute to the multisensory aspects of her artworks, which explore the relationship between mind and body.

London Calling presents many more artists who are navigating their own relationships to the capital city and translating these experiences into their artistic practice. Rejoicing in the diversity of London and its many inhabitants, the exhibition strives to celebrate well-known voices while illuminating new perspectives.

Press release courtesy Unit London.

Group Show / Art & Design
Bailly Gallery / Place de Longemalle 19 Geneva, 1204
Art & Design opens a discussion between different artists who have impacted the history of art and design with their singular and surprising approach. From Chagall and his unique symbolic world, to the mythical couple the Lalanne under which flora and fauna are subjected to a true surrealist exploration, the borders between work of art and decorative object are reinvented. Navigating with ease and comfort between experimentation of materials, colors, and unbridled creativity, the masterpieces presented come to reverse the conventional polarities of art.

To find elegant, innovative, playful pieces of art and design, dive into our exhibition from the 4th of May to the 2nd of July.

Press release courtesy Bailly Gallery Longemalle.
Katherine Bernhardt
5-6/F, H Queen's / 80 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong
David Zwirner is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by American artist Katherine Bernhardt (b. 1975) that will take place at the gallery's location in Hong Kong. The works in this presentation continue to expand Bernhardt's unique visual lexicon, which culls from an irreverent pop vernacular as well as her own life and the broader culture. With her signature, lively brushwork, and vibrant colour palette, the artist here will focus on characters from the Japanese media franchise and global game sensation Pokémon. This will be Bernhardt's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong and her second with David Zwirner.

Learn more via David Zwirner.

Press release courtesy David Zwirner.
12.Aug. 2023
J Young: Drawing
221ho, 33, Marine city 2-ro / Haeundae-gu / Busan
South Korea
Solo exhibition of J Young, DRAWING is held in Mo J Gallery Busan until end of June. He presents spirit of Korea through material. J Young expresses divineness of nature and spirit of Korea by using Hanzi. He metaphorically expresses skepticism and introspection by contrasting between human and honesty in nature.

J Young, born in Yecheon, graduated from elementary, middle, and high school in his hometown. While he was in the schools, he always drew and painted and was greatly interested in architecture and design which both are related to art.In 1983, he graduated from the high school and left his hometown and family at the age of 20 and moved to Seoul for a university of arts. As he was living in Seoul, the big and complex city, he experienced in new culture and it naturally made him to start working on designing his life as an artist.

He graduated from Department of Bachelor of Painting at Hongik University and completed his master degree of painting at the same university.In 1990, he established the Golden Apple Group, an originator of art community for new generation in Korea, and was actively involved in it as he created a lot of artworks based on experimental activities and experiences. Among them, the most powerfully influencing on his art world are stones and woods he accidentally picked up from nature and they still have been inspiring him enough to generate great enthusiasm for him to create artworks, emotion and sense, therefore, they are always presented in his artworks. His artworks have been exhibited in his solo and group shows and his art world has been formed and established through those exhibitions held in many different places.

In 1987, his second year of university, he was selected by Korea Fine Art Grand Prix. In 1992, he won the grand prize at Central Art Contest Grand Prix and the excellence award at Korea Fine Art Grand Prix 1992 and many others.Starting with his first solo exhibition in 1994, he has been presented paintings,drawings, installations, and prints through two or three solo shows every year. He has presented his artworks through 51 solo shows in Seoul, Tokyo, Munich, Paris, Cologne, New York, and many other places. He traveled many countries in Europe as well as United State and Africa many times and experienced the culture and various artworks. He toured Asia as well and presented his artwork in Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, and Singapore and has participated in over 300 group exhibitions in Korea.

Press release courtesy Mo J Gallery.
Group Exhibition / Windows of the Soul
7-8/F, H Queen's / 80 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong
(17 May 2023, Hong Kong) Whitestone Gallery is thrilled to present our special group exhibition Windows of the Soul in celebration of the French May Arts Festival 2023, featuring artworks by French artists Marion Flament, Béchir Boussandel, Jean Marie Haessle, and Baptiste Tavernier. Windows of the Soul explores how artists see their mysterious and dream-like patterns, with them, they defy the dichotomous cosmology and relax its temporal and spatial laws. It also gives a glimpse of the landscape of the current or a historical era. As the artists freely express their truthful desire, dreams, and imaginations in interwoven compositions of peculiar figures, they bring out narratives of life that transcend time and space. Alongside realistic renditions, their creation came to a new attempt at spiritual explorations. For the viewers, these creative productions are openings to dreams, to the essence of arts, in which the window becomes an artistic witness to the brutalities or beauties occurring in the world. The possibilities are furthered in current times as we increasingly explore the outlooks of the future through windows and perspectives.

Marion Flament is a young artist born in 1989 in Reims and lives and works in Paris, France. Flament develops her work around everyday life experience by observing physical phenomena and sensations linked to our immediate environment to enquire about our space practice. Captivated by the poetic force of gesture, she invites us to encounter her artistic practice and materiality, echoing its underlying metaphysical resonances, by her one of a kind glass fossilisation. Flament seeks to restore something intangible through light in her installations and sculptures. It was through her exploration of the boundaries between artistic disciplines that she discovered their extreme porousness. By steeping herself in the site's soul, she creates bespoke and poetic installations in the form of artistic performances far more than artwork. Through the evocative power of these elements, she seeks to create spaces that can translate feelings and provide sensations in emotionally charged areas.

Béchir Boussande was born in 1984 in Saint-Pol-Sur-Mer. He Lives and works in Lille, France. Boussandel is engaged in an original attempt: to paint not what one sight but what one perceives, meaning his desire to depict a mental and not a sensitive space. This is an invitation to contemplation, where colour is central and in movement, as an environment without limits. He is interested in the boundaries that seem to exist between intimate and public spaces. Most often, the demonstration of this duality involves everyday objects whose function is related to territory, mobility, appropriation, or habitat. The profound reality is a mysterious and primordial realm, often rendered by Boussandel as a magical landscape full of ambiguous symbols and pictorial metaphors. The artist sees the creative process as a psychological journey resulting from a meditative and near-mystical practice in which curious things become a reality.
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