Peggyartprize 2023 by 50CA
Best contemporary artists&works by 50CA Asia. First wave 2023 winners
Peggy Guggenheim
Marguerite Peggy Guggenheim was born in 1898 to a fabulously wealthy New Yorkais family and the niece of Salomon R. Guggenheim who the founder of the Guggenheim foundation.

Winners (2023)
Raejung Sim (Korea) – Me
Anj Gisan (Australia) – First Connection
Rim Safiullin (Republic of Tatarstan) – The orange embrace of dawn
Cheng Dr Chang (Korea) – Voodoo
Koo Jiusoon (Vietnam) – Tocu
Fezer Simone (Germany) – shiny (bright new worlds)
Finneran Bean (United States) – Red Ring
Hdez-Güero Jesús (Cuba) – Tener la culpa (Have the blame)
Kuo Kuo-Hsiang (Taiwan) – Echoes
Inba Kim (Cambodia) – Through the city
Asami Kurosawa (Japan) – Mother
Inhbai Kim (Japan) – Mooooooroooow
Locatelli Giulio (Italia) – La vicina grotta dei ricordi
Basalaev Kirill (Russia) – Almost visible
MacRae Tolmie (Australia) – Oil Dancer
Ramadori Marilena (Italia) – Piazzale Magellano
Raso Alex (Italia) – Madonna, Sant'Anna, il Bambino e San Giovannino
Rossetti Brigitta (Italia) – Lost Spring VI
Olga Sibirkina (Russia) – Aliens
Savva Rozanov (Russia) – Alivia and the Dark Evil. Immersive Show
Erzhena Dondokova (Russia) – Burnout
Frech Kevin (Stati Uniti) – Commune
Konstantin Frolov (Russia) – Keep your family tidy
Van Yuan (China) – Cloud of the Unknown
Glez Alejandra (Cuba) – Risa y llanto
Alexandra Cane (Russia) – Nature of art
Sgro Tina (Italia) – consolle
Zoey Chih Ying Chang (UK) – Deflated
Denis Marakhin (Russia) - Inside myself
Aleksandra Golubchikova (Russia) – Blissful moment
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